Saturday, March 26, 2005

Syracuse/Austin Regional Semi-Final Recap

ACC/Big 10 Challenge II
(5) Michigan St. 78 - (1) Duke 68
(6) Wisconsin 65 - (10) NC State 56
Where did all that talk about the Big 10 having a down year go? How about the talk about the Big 10 leaders not being tested in the regular season?

So far Big Ten 2 ACC 0.

Big 10 fans don't get too excited, North Carolina can roll through and knock out the remaining Big 10 teams and make the score ACC 3 Big Ten 2, but enjoy the victories, the Big 10 deserves it after getting knocked all season.

(1) North Carolina 67- (5) Villanova 66
That travel call at the end of the game was the worst call in the NCAA tournament since Chris Weber called a timeout without any timeouts remaining. Ironic that both calls greatly benefit North Carolina. Couldn't tell if Ray travelled or not, what I do know is that if the same situation occurs in 100 more tournament games, it will never be called, nor should it have been called. Give North Carolina credit for making a nice comeback, probably would have won anyway, but the teams should have decided the outcome not the refs. Awful.

(2) Kentucky 62 - (6) Utah 52
Does this result surprise anyone? Let me give a simple math equation. Bogut + no help does not equal a deep tourney run. Kentucky continues to win ugly. 61% shooting for Kentucky, but only 62 points. No team has more ugly wins than Kentucky. Utah (I mean Bogut) had a nice run, but Bogut can only carry them so far.


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

please explain to me how the chris webber timeout was the fault of the referees. besides, he should have been called for traveling when he was in the backcourt.

that travel call might have been questionable, but plenty of people saw it as correct (even on the replay). the referees were consistently awful for the entire game against both teams, but villanova did not lose based on that turnover.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger D. Madurzak said...

Wasn't the fault of the refs, but was a bad call by Weber.


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